Whirling Through Space

Human Being is
whirling through space
Velcro’d  to adorable Planet Earth
(they say it’s gravity)
Where’d I come from? Where am I going?
S/he asks.

Quiet Purple Ones

All around on adorable Earth
are other beings velcro’d:
quiet purple ones, and furred, and footed, treed, walking, crawling, and swimming,
Where did you come from? s/he asks. Where are we going?
Why are you so beautiful?
Earth Archetype, the spirit that holds the adorable planet Earth
is mostly silent,
or answers softly in soughing branches and birdsong
so Human cannot hear so well.

Questions. Questions.
What are we for?
How should we be?
Whirling through space
Questions echoing out

Why Are You So Beautiful?

 Adorable Garden

How did we get here? Where did we come from?
It is a Garden, an adorable Garden, and we were expelled,
looked around and found Our Selves Here on Earth,
such as it is.

Here On Earth

Eve Woke Adam to Smell the Blossoms in the Moonlight

We Fell From the Sky

What are we for? How should we be?
Or we fell from the Sky onto adorable Planet Earth and stayed
And tried to figure it out with the help of four-leggeds and flying ones.

Or not expelled. Just here. So Science tells the story, coming from one cell, two cell, three cell, Ape.

Explanation that doesn’t explain Anything.

one cell, two cell, three cell, Ape

Apparently, ancient esoteric patterns, call them Archetypes, help humans become Human.
Wise Old Man Carl Jung didn’t invent Archetype whenever,
(nor Edison electricity,
nor Newton invent apple nor
stern Gravity that pins us so firmly here
on adorable Earth,
as we whirl through Space,
questions flying out to darkness)

But suddenly in 1947 or so
it seemed, we knew to ask our dreams,
to read “the signs in themselves and on the horizons,”
Symbols and Meaning.
And Dreams themselves were Archetypes
Now Interwebs are full
of archetypes:
the four you need to know, the six, the twelve,
quizzes, quizzes, just give your email address to find out who you are.
Jung’s 12: Sage, Innocent, Explorer, Ruler, Creator, Caregiver, Magician, Hero, Outlaw, Lover, Jester, and Regular Person; 
the 72, the thousand Archetypes.
After Carl Jung, ad writers and screen writers took hold of Archetypes and used them to sell us Stuff  and Nonsense.
Wait wait, S/he said, human brain spinning, I don’t want to be sold Anything,
But they say and S/he does believe Archetypes are real Energies, real before coming into Incarnation
and probably Infinite.
Dreams Themselves were Archetypes

Cowboy Archetype

Hesitation on the Verge of Incarnation

Hesitation 2

Imagine a being hesitating on the verge
of Incarnation
yes or no
go or not
like Human shivering on edge of high diving board
in Incarnated Life
blue sparkling below
yes or no?

And then going through the Portal after all
to Incarnation
living a life
and so-called dying again.

Incarnation Here on Earth

Archetypes everywhere brimming with meaning
These archetypes:
Baby: new energy, new projects, new ways of being.
Happy baby

 and shadow baby
(every archetype has its Shadow)
Shadow baby: innocence hurt and abused
darkness following
Human asks why why?
Sage says: suffering is inevitable on this plane: it is so dense.
Just like when swimming, you have to get wet.
S/he says That’s the only thing I don’t like about swimming.
I love swimming.
Adorable Earth quietly hums

Rockabye Baby

Dark Baby

Baby grows up a bit, becomes a Magical Child:
fun creative joyful and free
Beautiful Child believes that God is in trees,
everything is possible

But the shadow side:
There are no miracles or they don’t last
Trees cut down mercilessly
Magical child is
powerless, helpless, deep in a fantasy world,
grown up cynical
obsessed with evil
Magical Child is stuck angry and alone.
S/he won’t take responsibility.
There are no miracles.

Magical Child

There are no Miracles

If Only You Believe Like I Believe Baby*
*Jefferson Starship, Miracles

Even Grief is an Archetype

Grief is Everywhere

Human thinks she knows all about the Mother archetype
both positive and negative
S/he thinks
been there done that,
is cynical about Mother’s Day.
 bows before Adorable Mother Earth.

But Mother Earth is not adorable
roars back, turns dark, waters rushing.
She storms and rages and melts and heats up fast
Mother/Matter who has been so abused, so hurt, so raped.
She’s forgiven so many times.
She’s almost out of patience.
You think you know. You don’t.
Human has no idea no idea none.


Mother/ Matter

Almost Out of Patience

Mother 2

Positive Father Archetype, aspect of Positive Masculine:
holds,  protects, provides.
Human knows Positive Masculine:
their father (thanks be to God), their lover, (thanks be), their sons;
How He wields the swift slicing sword of discernment
and provides a container for Creativity
to be out in the blowing cold winds of the World
on this Adorable Earth

Negative Masculine we All know well, too well,
so not pictured here, one of its names Patriarch,
another Power. Wounded ways of being
on this Earth, this sad and grieving Adorable Earth, not adored.
Words stop.


Maestro Jung says Archetypes come with us
into Incarnation
from an Other Realm
from Ancestors?
from Mystery?
from Evolution?
Maybe he said these things
Maybe Human made them up.
Never mind.

But Warrior was born Warrior.
Djuna came out looking around and ready.
Fighting injustice done to baby Djuna
Giving up not giving up

Fighting all injustice
It can be tiring.

Sometimes Warrior Djuna needs to stop among swords
tie shoelaces
and gather strength
from valiant ferns.


Warrior Djuna Stops to Tie Shoelaces and Take Strength from Sword Ferns

Drunkard's Dream

Many illnesses ssssicknessess unhappinesses
stand across the path of
Human Becoming
or beckon from doorways with
promises of spirit and ease of pain and sweet sweet laughter
“A Drunkard’s Dream if I ever did see one.”
falling falling falling
late night phone calls
fleeing Emergency half-bandaged and sore
eventually all alone
somewhere some part untouched by all the hurting.

Up on Cripple Creek *
* Robbie Robertson, the Band, Up on Cripple Creek

Drunkard's Dream 3

Kore (Maiden) danced barefoot, spinning on wet sand,
feet barely touching
Adorable Earth
danced on grass, on bouncing wood,
spinning joy, hoping some man was watching
waiting to be rescued.

Later, older, in shadow, S/he was waiting to be rescued,
deferring Once Too Often to the Voice of Reason,
submitting, captured, stuck in prettiness
Kore didn’t even know how pretty she had been.

Maiden 1

Maiden 2

Maiden 3

Dark Maiden

Human took an Internet Quiz. Do you do this? Do you do that?
It said:
You are Wise Old Man.
Ohhh, S/he thought. That’s strange.
I don’t feel Wise, getting older, but not Old yet.
And though S/he likes to think s/he embodies both
Feminine and Masculine,
I’m not Man, S/he thinks.

So, as with so many other theological questions, S/he changed
the language. Call me Elder, S/he said, and so called herself,
humble and grateful
to have made it this far,
and went crazy making pictures
one after the other.

Elder 1

Elder 2

Elder 3

Elder 4

What does S/he mean Becoming Human?
Aren’t we Human just by being born? Not quite.
Or yes and no.
Human born, then losing humanity,
then lost in Collective Shadow
in trauma and conditioning, and
must be regained by Shadow Work,
by projections re-collected, withdrawn, and acknowledged.

Short version: person and traits that put you on edge,
drive you nuts, make you crazy: there is yer Shadow Work.
Love your shadow: there is treasure.
On the wall a painting called Alchemical Sun.

Shadow Work 1

Shadow Work 2

Alchemy *
* Painting behind is Alchemical Sun by George Fertig

There is Treasure

Self Archetype:
circle, square, mandala
equals unified unconsciousness and consciousness
bright and dark, yet neither
total, timeless man
Self Archetype:
circle, square, mandala
Self Archetype:
 Circle Square Mandala(Human)
equals unified unconsciousness and consciousness.
bright and dark, yet neither,
total timeless man
Even fallen Human can find Self
can still be Becoming Human

Circle Square Mandala

Self Archetype

Even Fallen Human Can Find Self

Becoming Human: Some Systems and Practices

Christians say God became Human
and died to make us Human

Buddhists offer The Noble Eightfold Path
to Becoming Human

Sufis speak of repeating the Name of God
on the breath
where the Name is  Archetype of Transformation
in Becoming Human

All systems speak of prayer, of conscious connection
to Divine in Everything
All speak of Kindness as Divine Practice, with Esoteric Meaning.

Becoming Human -- Christ

The Noble Eight-Fold Path

Archetype of Transformation

Human says: my father was the kindest person ever.

Science says being kind
self-esteem, empathy, compassion,
mood, decreases blood pressure & stress,
that humans who give are healthier, live longer.
that Being Kind boosts neurotransmitters, releases endorphins.
Science speaks of these things. Her father didn’t.

Human remembers running child fingers through his soft brown hair,
how kind his hair felt.


The Path of Becoming Human

This Becoming Human never ends
What next? What next On Adorable Earth?
Evolve or Go Extinct

Evolve or Go Extinct.

The End

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